Education Risk and Governance Summit

Theme: Safeguarding Crisis in Schools: A Performance Enhancement or Reputational Challenge in Nigeria?

Date: Thursday 28th April, 2022

Venue: Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

Time: 2pm-4pm (Nig time)

Summit Overview

Recent occurrences have exposed the systemic gaps in Nigerian schools around safety and child protection. In the wake of these reports of insecurity in the school system, the vulnerability of and exposure to threats to children and school operators is at an all-time high.

There is a safeguarding crisis crippling the Nigerian education system which, consequently, puts the Nigerian child at risk of immense danger both physically and psychologically.

Research has also shown that such childhood related trauma impacts on the mental health, academic outcomes, and the overall future of our children. The question remains, who is responsible for addressing these issues? What is the role of both internal and external stakeholders? How should we respond to this professional, moral and ethical responsibility?

It has become imperative for sector stakeholders to explore this current state of emergency and focus attention on intensifying the adoption of safeguarding systems within and around school environments across the federation. Proactive steps aimed at ensuring the safety of school children and restoring the confidence of students, parents, teachers, and the host communities are also imperative. Also, education regulators and administrators need to redouble their efforts by strategizing to provide an educational environment, where holistic support, well-being and meaningful development can thrive. These will in turn drive and improve academic performance. Effective management of possible risk will also reduce the exposure of schools to possible reputational damage.

This summit will engage education stakeholders by offering practical mitigation strategies, suggest risk-based tips for implementing effective accountability systems, in order to avoid further risks and reputational damage.

Summit objectives:

The summit will address the following:

  • the current rise in safeguarding crisis within the Nigerian school system today.
  • the roles of stakeholders in mitigating the attendant risks in the school system.
  • the challenges faced by the various agencies and stakeholders in the event of such crisis, the reputational impact.
  • the onus of accountability lies on by taking a multiagency approach.
  • recommend practical solutions and mitigation strategies.
  • recommend a risk management framework for the school system.

Reasons to attend?

  • The responsibility of safeguarding, child protection and security in schools is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, the topics that will be explored is guaranteed to provide a tool kit and a bank of knowledge on how each stakeholder can be more effective in supporting the well-being of children.
  • It is important that schools attend to understand how to create preventative systems that mitigates the current high risk their students are exposed to.
  • Education regulators need to interface and explore the impact of decisions made in light of the highlighted risk. This summit also creates an opportunity to understand the various levels of support available and the multiagency approach that has been designed by policy makers.
  • This will raise awareness of the good practices that already exist and strategies that schools can adopt in taking a proactive approach to safeguarding

Summit Chairperson and Host

Ronke Soyombo

Special Adviser on Education, Ogun State

Joachim A. Adenusi

MD/CEO Conrad Clark Nigeria

Summit Speakers

Angelina Ikeako

Lead Consultant, Golden Links Educational Consultants

Olufemi Iroko

Manager, Policy and Partnership at EKOEXCEL

Yemisi Ogunlade MBA ACIPD

Principal Consultant, Plumptre Advisory

EVENT FAQs / find your answers

As a convenience to delegates who may decide to participate at our summit at the last minute, Conrad Clark provides on-site registration services. Registration for virtual participation will close one hour before the summit commences.

A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate for your attendance will be sent to you as PDF after the summit. Please note that no hard copies will be provided and there will be no cost to the certificate.

CPD accreditation points for attending the conference are mentioned in the certificate


Yes, group registration is available. Please email: or call us on +234 (0) 809 5550 641.