Why Cycling 500 Miles in 5 Continents?

Cycling Challenge to Support Vulnerable African Children  Joachim Adenusi (MD, Conrad Clark Nigeria)

A few years ago, while working in Africa, I saw a boy with his mum, living a makeshift ghetto, unable to afford a proper meal and couldn’t afford to send him to school.  I was moved to tears as they both reminded me of my childhood and the struggles my parents went through to get me educated.

Many children and young people in Africa are living in abject poverty and in vulnerable situations not fit for human dignity. It is my dream to support organisations working in Africa to make the lives of these children and young people better.

I am cycling 500 miles in 5 continents to raise funds to support 15 children in Nigeria, providing them with the opportunity to receive a decent education, instead of languishing in the slums. I will also be sponsoring 10 young people in Cape Town, South Africa to be trained in vocational skills and be employed within a year.

Please support me by donating at least N2,000 per mile cycled or more.

To donate please go to – https://slum2school.org/cycleforeducation/

Thank You!

 “A man’s dreams are an index to his greatness” – Zadok Rabinowitz

I’m  Joachim Adenusi (Oga Risk)

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