Crisis, Strategy and Performance Management Workshop

  • April 27 - May 1, 2020
  • USA, Dallas
  • 08095550641

(Strengthen Your Organization Inner Culture)


All organisations have vision and goals, but not all manage to drive through those goals or get the staff to commit to it and bring about needed success. In the objectives driven organisation every member of staff has bought into the organization’s vision and are focused on delivering the vision. An organisation that has everyone pushing in the same direction will have competitive advantage and high staff morale.  Many organizations’ leadership come up with a vision but do not have the tools to deliver them or a path to execution.  In addition to setting goals and visions, every organization seek to align its vision with people and the performance outcomes. When crisis strikes, the strategic assumptions of any organisation or system will be put to test. Its people will be under pressure and performance outcomes will be greatly affected.


This course is aimed at individuals and organisations who may have to deal with a crisis, whether it is externally triggered or internally created. We will teach you how to maintain your culture and organisational reputation, which can be an intangible asset or a major liability. It is also aimed at the leadership teams; starting with the tools to build a vision and objectives and map a practical path to disseminate organisation objectives from senior to middle managers and low-level employees.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • How to move their organisation from idea to delivery and enhance operational effectiveness;
  • How to inspire employees to deliver on performance outcomes;
  • How to maximize Objectives, Operations, Opportunity, Obstacle and Outcomes (5 Os);
  • How to earn and retain trust after a major crisis vs the cost of recovering damaged trust;
  • How to proactively prevent damage to your brand presence and value;
  • How to develop a fail proof collaborative working and effective communication skills;
  • Perform self-appraisal on an ongoing basis.

Target Audience

  • Executive and Non – Executive Directors, Board Members
  • Senior Management Teams

Course Contents                                                                                                      

 Day 1- Session 1: Vision – More Than an Idea

  • Overview of vision and what it embodies
  • The Mission Statement; what makes it a good one?
  • The Customer: How they perceive the corporation matters?
  • The Mission as a sign post for the organisation

Interactive case study 1


Session 2: Goals and Objectives

  • Goals and Objectives: turning vision and achievable activities
  • Cascading the Vision and Mission
  • You have your marching orders: What next?
  • The roadmap: Tools to disseminate the goals and objectives

Interactive case study 2


Session 3: Planning and Programme Management

  • Ideas, planning and execution:
  • Work Breakdown Structure – Mapping the path to execution
  • Project Management Office: Building a centre of excellence
  • Communication: A key to success and averting risks to progress

Interactive case study 3


Day 2 – Session 4:  Operational Effectiveness

  • What is operational effectiveness?
  • Path to customer satisfaction: KYC, CTQ, VOC, KYP
  • DPDCA: Plan before you set off, not when you get lost
  • Continuous Improvement: Check and Act
  • People: Survey/Appraise/Develop

Interactive case study 4/Role Play


Session 5:  Risk and Decision-Making Process

  • Decision-Making Process
  • Uncertainties in Decision-Making
  • Characteristics and Attitude to Risk When Making Decisions
  • Risk Attitude Types: Averse, Neutral, Seeking
  • Understanding risk attitude and dynamics in team
  • Personal Risk Attitude self-test

Interactive case study 5/Film Analysis


Session 6: Culture and Corporate Failures

  • What is organisational culture?
  • Types of organisational culture
  • Why is culture important?
  • Issues in managing culture


Day 3 – Session 7:  The Essentials of Reputation Management

  • Creating business value through reputation management
  • Reputation as intangible drivers in organizational growth
  • Understanding Investors’ expectations
  • Corporate branding and business strategy

Interactive case study 6


Session 8:  Internal Reputation and Communication Management

  • Employees-Communication Needs and Expectations
  • Aligning Employees through Corporate Communications
  • Designing Message Strategies and Relating to the Media
  • Using Online Media to Build and Protect Your Reputation

Interactive case study 7


Session 9:  External Reputation and Communication Management

  • Customers-Brand Communication, Needs and Expectations
  • Corporate Branding and Business Strategy
  • Leveraging Corporate Brand via Social Media
  • Creating Value through Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Brand Risk Management and Protection


Day 4

Session 11: Crisis Management-Reactive Approach

  • What is Crisis?
  • Managing Crisis Situations
  • Protecting Reputation During a Crisis
  • Mindful Learning in Crisis Management
  • Business crisis/continuity and Customer Service resources strategy

Interactive case study 8


Session 10: Customer and Reputation; Risk Management-Proactive Approach

  • Challenges of Customer Service Management Globally
  • Customer service resources and governance
  • Risk management tools and techniques
  • Risk identification, description, analysis and evaluation
  • Customer service risk control: design, performance and affirmation
  • Developing a customer service risk profile

Interactive case study 9


Session 11: Leadership vs Management in Crisis Situation

  • Difference between leadership and managing.
  • Five types of power and influence.
  • How effective leaders handle crisis
  • Act as catalyst for change


Day 5 – Practical Working Visit (Practical application of training)


Other Details

Date: Mon 27 Apr-Fri 1 May 2020.

Venue: Dallas, USA

Cost: $7,000.00 per delegate (VAT Excl).

  • Fees excludes visa, air transport and hotel expenses in the USA
  • It includes training materials, certificate attendance etc.
  • A 10% net discount has been applied
  • All fees are payable in advance to Conrad Clark Nig Ltd

Delegates Takeaway: CDP Certificate Attendance, Post Workshop Support

Enquiries: 08095550641,

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