Moremi Staff Performance Improvement Workshop

This workshop is a risk edutainment storytelling session which drives businesses and organizations to performance.

  • Increase your revenue generation
  • Increase your staff performance
  • Guarantee outcomes on objectives

Make 2019 GREAT for your Business/Organization

Moremi Staff Performance Improvement Edutainment Workshop


All organisations have vision and goals, but not all manage to drive through those goals or get the staff body to commit to those goals and bring about business success.

The journey to the success of your business in 2019 starts with every member of staff knowing exactly what to do and how their roles impact on the overall strategic objective of the organization.

In an objectives driven organisation, every member of staff buy into the organisation’s vision and are focused on delivering the strategy. An organisation that has everyone pushing in the same direction will have competitive advantage and high staff morale.  Many organisations’ leadership come up with a vision but do not have the tools to deliver them or a path to execution.

Moremi Staff Performance Improvement Workshop is a storytelling and interactive workshop that will effectively drive your organization from strategy to execution.

S/No Number of Delegates Cost per delegate (#)
1 15-50 10,000
2 51-100 7,000
3 >100 5,000

Enjoy 20% discount if your sign-up before 31st January 2019.


Venue: Client Site

Duration: 2 hours

Enquiries: 08095550641, info2@conradclark.com

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