Boman Hosea Yashim


Boman Hosea YashimAssociate

"A resourceful and self-motivated professional with over 25 years’ management experience in Finance, Banking, Stock broking, Public Sector, Enterprise Risk Management and Strategy. Possess practical skills in Financial & Credit Administration, Risk Control and Corporate Risk Management."


Years of Experience


  1. Financial, Credit and Loans Administration
  2. Enterprise Risk Management
  3. Internal Control and Audit
  4. Board Governance


Associate Consultant


  • Fellow Chartered Accountant
  • ACS
  • ACTI

Boman is a consultant with over 25 years’ experience across several sectors including publishing, banking, stock broking, finance, public sector and Enterprise Risk Management. Mr. Boman’s current position as a risk consultant involves training, conducting risk assessment, development and implementation of enterprise risk management solutions to enhance achievement of organisational objectives.


Boman has practical hands on experience with various organisations in various capacities where he was involved in set ups. He successfully managed a finance subsidiary in a group of companies. As a Group Chief Risk Officer he was instrumental for the development and implementation of the group’s risk appetite statements. He has a deep passion for organisational risk and compliance initiatives.

Boman’s experience spans:

  • Overall oversight of the enterprise wide risk management function of a group with five (5) subsidiaries with different lines of business.
  • Co-ordinated the development of the Risk Appetite Statements (RAS) for the group and the five (5) subsidiaries
  • Set up and pioneer Head of Finance & Administration of a Finance & Asset Management firm.
  • Conducting AML/CFT trainings for employees.
  • wide experience in preparation and presentation of risk reports at Executive Management and Board levels