Aisha Olajide

Communications and Project Management

``The right attitude to risk from the top (Leadership) defines the risk culture of an organisation.``

Position: Communications and Project Management

Aisha Olajide is a graduate of Mass communication from the prestigious University of Lagos where she majored in Public Relations and Advertising. The budding O2 Academy trained advertising professional has found and built a career in project management and business development where she performs excellently in leading supervising and coordinating projects, managing relationships with clients and stakeholders and managing internal and external communications.

Aisha maintains a high standard of professionalism, proactive leadership and impeccable work ethics while dealing with different kinds of people in the capacity of business development officer, project manager and social communications manager. In these roles, she constantly exhibits the skill sets to make a difference in her industry.

Analytical, yet logical, Aisha possesses a vibrant millennial mindset which has helped her bring a dynamic problem solving approach to work. Her background in communication also provided the planning and organizational skills, communication and interpersonal skills, adaptability and creative thinking skills which she displays in her solo tasks and as a team player.

Her strong drive to actively contribute tangible initiatives is reflected in her most recent achievement- the effective planning and leading of two international summits across the insurance and health care sectors.