Anjola Aworinde

Business Development Associate

``The right attitude to risk from the top (Leadership) defines the risk culture of an organisation.``

10+ Years of Experience

Position: Business Development Associate

Anjola is Business Development Associate. She is a transformational leader with over 10 years of experience in HR, Risk, Strategy, and Operations. She is keen on incorporating organisational risk elements into corporate performance management systems. She is also passionate about helping individuals to attain the peak of their potentials.

She brings her wealth of experience as a consultant as well as a practitioner in these fields. She has in the past built her competencies in performance management, learning and development, organisation design and configuration, talent management, strategy planning and implementation, project management, operations management, and financial analysis.

She has worked with top organisations and handled critical projects including operations transformation, design of a transitional framework for a merchant bank, documented HR processes for a retail company and an elementary school, as well as managed several training interventions for employees from various companies.

She is proficient with the use of Microsoft Office Tool (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word).