Femi Akindoyin

IT/Risk Associate

``The right attitude to risk from the top (Leadership) defines the risk culture of an organisation.``

Position: IT/Risk Associate

Femi Akindoyin is a graduate of Marine sciences from the prestigious University of Lagos where he majored in Fisheries.

Femi is a system analyst who has collaborated with business analysts, project leads and software developers to resolve issues and ensure consistent solutions to new and existing systems. He is also a full Stack Web Developer with an experience of Web & Mobile App Development, He has developed data-driven applications using backend with NodeJS and JavaScript and rich frontend using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.

Femi brings a unique blend of coding skill, product management and business logic with entrepreneurial skills. He is also a product manager who maintains a high level of professionalism to ensure viable successful execution of software systems leveraging on his leadership skills and his high motivation for excellence.
Femi enjoys research. He is also an environmental enthusiast who has been directly and indirectly involved in projects to maintain a green society.

  • Website Design and Development
  • Product Management
  • Research