Ihuaku Okoko

Board Member

``Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance``

23+ Years of Experience

Position: Director

Ihuaku Okoko has about 23 years of work experience in the Aviation and Energy (Oil & Gas) industries. Her very high standards of work and business ethics evolved in the course of having held various positions in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Community Investment & Sustainability Relations, as well as Government Affairs (Public Relations). She has a BA with a 2nd Class Upper credit, from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

She has a track record for laying structural foundations and procedures to enhance efficiencies in the workplace. She is also known for leaving distinct and unique legacies wherever she goes and is not one to be soon forgotten.
She performs semi- gratis recruitment services for start-up companies. Ihuaku Okoko is extremely passionate about driving change in the society using women who she perceives as the conduits and backbone of civilization. Feedback during a recent course at Harvard focused on her passion for women and the change she can inspire. Being a person of integrity, she promotes inner strength, honesty and forthrightness as part of the change.

In recent times, she has begun to aggressively pursue self-development with the aspirations of creating a revolving network of strong, well-developed and accountable women.

Harcourt’s extensive experience is gained from leading different teams delivering:

  • Effective building designs that are cost, time and quality efficient and meet the clients’ expectations.
  • Construction of major buildings and infrastructures including an ongoing 17-storey building in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State
  • Consular matters including Trade and Investment promotion, Education, Protocol, Value & Ethics information, security etc.