Chris Smerald

Board Member

``Pro-active use of risk management skills in an engaging and inspirational way guarantees improvement in performance outcomes, cost efficiency, sustainability of set goals, delivery of capital Investments, motivated people and positive corporate culture.``

30+ Years of Experience

Chris Smerald is a general insurance actuary with a passion for solving risk and insurance problems in a way that empowers his clients. He does this through rich experience coupled with careful listening, systems thinking and a collaborative style. His experience and capabilities come from a mixture of international practice and research in the areas of reserving, pricing, business intelligence and risk. He worked at AIG for 30+ years when he engaged with most lines, world regions, actuarial specialisms, and scales of the problem in dynamically changing environments and helped extend actuarial practice into new areas. More recently he has been consulting to smaller insureds in the areas of reserving, analytics, Solvency II and IFRS 17 readiness.