Dr. Omawumi Kola-Lawal

Board Member

``Pro-active use of risk management skills in an engaging and inspirational way guarantees improvement in performance outcomes, cost efficiency, sustainability of set goals, delivery of capital Investments, motivated people and positive corporate culture.``

15+ Years of Experience

Dr. Omawumi Kola-Lawal – Non-Executive Director Omawumi is a Non-Executive Director of IBIS Consulting and has specialized environmental, social and safety skills in Risk Assessment, Management Systems Development and Implementation, Policy Development, Training, Auditing, Due Diligence and Performance Improvement. Her current interests are Climate Finance Strategy and Development Impact Measurement/Reporting.
For over 20 years, Omawumi has worked to develop and implement policies, strategies and systems for managing environmental, social and safety risks in over 200 companies/projects in the oil and gas, manufacturing, telecoms, power, transport, mining and financial services sectors in Africa. She set up and ran a boutique consulting firm, HSE Technologies, which for 11 years, provided specialist environmental and safety risk management advice and solutions to Nigerian corporate clients. She has also worked to set up internal functions for integrating environmental, social and sustainability aspects in Philips Consulting Lagos, African Capital Alliance and the Africa Finance Corporation. Omawumi also works with the International Finance Corporation, providing expert E&S advice and assisting in managing environmental and social risks in IFC’s Financial Intermediaries portfolio in Africa and the Middle East. Omawumi holds a BSc (Hons.) in Pharmacology from the University of Lagos and an MSc in Environmental Technology (with Distinction) from Imperial College London. She also holds a PhD from the University of Salford,Manchester,wheresheconductedresearchonkeyfactorsinfluencingenvironmental management system implementation in Africa. A firm believer in adding value, Omawumi has developed free awareness-building tools for sustainability practitioners, including a new Series titled What Investors Want, which provides guidance to project sponsors and developers, on meeting international investors’ environmental and social requirements. She is an avid writer and writes for local and international media and has authored several published titles on safety, environment and social awareness.
  1. ESG Management System Development and Implementation
  2. Environmental Auditing
  3. Safety Auditing
  4. Health, Safety and Environment Training
  5. Resettlement Planning