Mohammed-Bashir Yunusa

Board Member

``Pro-active use of risk management skills in an engaging and inspirational way guarantees improvement in performance outcomes, cost efficiency, sustainability of set goals, delivery of capital Investments, motivated people and positive corporate culture.``

10+ Years of Experience

Mohammed-Bashir Yunusa is a renowned finance expert, specializing in deal structuring, corporate and retail finance, business strategy, digital transformation and Islamic Finance and Banking. He has almost a decades’ experience working in the financial services industry and has facilitated high level financial transactions across various sectors, not limited to transportation, agriculture, infrastructure, renewable energy in sub-Saharan and Northern Africa.

His understanding of the economic and business terrain of Nigeria is unparalleled and he has vast experience in managing business risks, while transforming business for growth. An example being the conception of a Non-Interest Banking Retail Business with Sterling Bank Nigeria, in September 2015, which grew 30% monthly to realize over a Billion Naira in credit facilities by 2017.

He currently leads the Consumer and Digital Banking business for the Non-Interest Banking Retail business for Sterling Bank Nigeria. He specializes in creating disruptive and innovative business models and is renowned for setting up the first and biggest Islamic banking business in SSA. As well as for leading the team that created “”, the first credit-based ecommerce platform for the retail segment and Nigeria’s first digital product in Islamic Banking.

Mohammed-Bashir is an advocate for socio-economic equity and spends time working with SME’s as both an impact and activist investor. He is driven to creating more jobs and social well-being for the unemployed, while looking for ways to positively impact his local economy.

He is committed to working towards ensuring a better economy for all, through his involvement in impact driven investments and participation in different initiatives that benefits the economy.

Mohammed’s extensive experience is gained from leading different teams of professionals from different units to achieve a common goal.

  1. Financial Risk
  2. Product Development
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Brand Management