Cyber and data security risk management workshop


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Are you equipped to manage your information risks?

Effective management of IT-related business risk has become an essential part of IT governance. A comprehensive understanding of how information technology affects business objectives is essential in today’s business environment. Cyber threats facing a nation’s critical infrastructure, mission-critical systems, or any Internet of Things (IoT) system, demand a cyber-infrastructure that matches their combined enormity and complexity.

This online training workshop will provide an in-depth view of cyber and data security issues, including the process of risk identification, evaluation and response. It also introduces the cyber threat landscape and focusing on hackers and how they operate. It then moves on to cover the sort of damage that cyber breaches can cause and emphasizes that not all the damage is around a failure to comply with data privacy laws: there are serious dangers to strategic positioning that need to be considered.

Strategic issues are considered and as part of this online workshop, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is explored as a strategic issue that will affect the whole organization and not just the IT/security department.

“It’s not what happens, but how you respond that matters.” – Epicetus (Greek philosopher)

This online workshop is for:

  • Directors and non-execs
  • Senior managers and all staff

Workshop Content:

COVID 19, Global Change and Risk Perception

  • COVID 19 crisis and its global impact
  • What will the new normal look like
  • Why manage risk in crisis?
  • Risk perception – the cost of human error or failure to act?

Cyber Security

  • Preparation and cyber security overview
  • Different cyber risks to your information and systems
  • Monetary and strategic damage from cyber risks
  • Treating cyber security as an organization-wide strategic risk
  • Importance of proactive defence against cyber breaches
  • Importance of planning your response to cyber breaches
  • Case studies

Data Protection Security

  • Understand what ‘Data Protection’ is
  • Understand what “Handling and Confidentiality” means
  • Understand requirements of the Data Protection Regulations
  • Understand how to meet legal requirements in the collection, use and storage information.
  • Understand limitations in the use of personal data